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Gut Health - Healthy Eating - Food Intolerance

Gut Health Nutritionist

Nutritional Education

Meet Nikky May

At Nikky May Nutrition and Wellbeing, I believe that a healthy gut is the foundation for overall well-being. As a qualified nutritionist, I am passionate about education, improving gut health, managing food intolerance, and promoting healthy eating habits. My goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health by making educated choices. Let's work together to achieve optimal gut health and overall wellness.

Why Should I Choose a Qualified Nutritionist?

Not all nutritionists have the same training. To be sure you’re in good hands, it’s important to find someone with tertiary qualifications who will be providing scientific and fact-based advice. I have both undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications from Australian Universities.

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You shouldn't be left alone after your consultation. I provide support via a handy app where you can chat with me, view recipes, meal plans, and create a food diary to track your progress. 

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Understanding the Struggle

Gut Health

Poor gut health can lead to ongoing issues like:

  • bloating & gas.

  • diarrhea & constipation.

  • Poor nutrient absorption.

  • Frequent illnesses.

  • Difficulty in weight management.

  • Skin issues.

Food Intolerance

Food intolerances are often misdiagnosed or overlooked.

  • Limited food choices.

  • Specialised diets can be costly & difficult to find.

  • Misunderstandings among friends & family about what food intolerance really means.

Gut-Brain Connection

The gut-brain connection plays a role in mood disorders like:

  • Depression and anxiety.

  • Stress.

  • Focus & memory.

  • Brain fog.

Quality of Life

There is a lot of ways poor gut health affects your life:

  • Ongoing symptoms can lead to financial stress.

  • Reduce quality of life.

  • These issues can profoundly affect one’s overall well-being, relationships, work, and daily activities.

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Begin your journey towards optimal gut health and overall wellness.

When I first met Nikky May I was on antidepressants and anxiety medications.

Nikky helped me to understand gut health and eating the right food and also how to read the labels of food products so I could understand what was good for me. 

After a while of eating healthy to feed my good gut bacteria I started to lower my antidepressants and finally stopped taking them all together.

Since I feel better than I have been in years.

- Stephen M.

"Nikky has been an amazing help on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Since the start of this year I have lost 10kgs! But what I've noticed the most has been how I've been feeling overall. I'm feeling so much healthier, I've got more energy and my mood has improved greatly. I just feel so much better than compared to six months ago."

- Grace S.

"I was looking for a nutritionist to help me fine tune my diet to suit a training plan I was about to start and found Nikky. Her communication is prompt, the information and guidance she has provided me with has been clear and concise and I would recommend her to anyone no matter what your dietary / nutrition needs are as no question is too silly. Thanks Nikky for all of your help."

- Ashlee L.

"Nikky has helped me nutritionally in my journey to become a strong Marathon runner. I have begun training and have trained more strongly with her advice. I highly recommend Nikky the Nutritionist to everyone."

- Ryan W.

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