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Learn to Read Food Labels

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So many of us require a special diet or make a personal choice to avoid certain foods. Whether it’s gluten, dairy, additives; or maybe you want to reduce fat or sugar intake. Often you’ll come across claims on labels which make you believe you are buying something suited to your needs, but many of these “claims” can be misleading. Have you ever seen a product claiming to be “free from added MSG”? What if you have a sensitivity to MSG-like chemicals (glutamates)? These products often contain other forms of glutamates that are hidden, unless you know what to look for. What about the hundreds of additives approved for use in Australia? This course will teach you how to identify nutrients on labels such as sugar, fat, sodium, and fibre; as well as how to identify additives and understand other label claims. This course covers how to understand if a product is high or low in sugar, fat or salt. How to compare products using the nutritional information panel, particularly when you want to find a product that is lower in sugar, fat, or sodium, or a product that is higher in fibre. You will also learn about label claims, nutritional claims and the Health Star Rating System. Label claims such as: low in fat/salt/sugar, free from, lite, a good source of, no added MSG, and more. There is so much more to reading labels than most realise. Understanding the jargon on labels will give you more confidence when shopping and the power to make the best choices for you and your family.


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