Diet Analysis

What is a diet analysis?

A diet analysis is designed to help you improve your diet and wellbeing. This service can help you to understand how you can change your diet for gut health, weight loss/gain, food allergies, food intolerance or specific dietary needs. Or you may simply want to know if you're eating a well balanced diet. Whatever it is that you need, this is the first step to help me to understand where you are currently at.


I use professional software to analyse your diet. I am able to see your intake of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals, alcohol, water, sugar and much more. I can identify which foods in your diet these nutrients are coming from the most, or where you can make improvements. This detailed information will help me to understand where you need to make changes to achieve your goals.


You will need to download the Australia app ‘Easy Diet Diary‘ (Apple link), to record your foods and drinks for 3 days. This app allows you to email your diary directly to me. This is the only app compatible with professional nutritional analysis software in Australia. Please be sure to record you diet over 3 days where you are consuming your usual diet.


I will put together a PDF report once I have analysed your 3 day diet. This report is usually 3-5 pages long, depending on your individual needs. I will discuss nutrients that you may be lacking, or getting too much of, and recommend how to correct your diet. I will focus on your goals, whether this is specific dietary requirements, weight loss or a general balanced diet. I will also provide some graphs so you can have a visual representation of your current diet.


The benefits of receiving a report is that you can take your time. You don't have to worry about forgetting what I teach you. You can go back to the report whenever you like and read it again. It's yours to keep. And yes, you can ask questions after receiving the report, I won't abandon you after sending it :)


Please make sure you read your order confirmation email carefully for instructions.

Easy Diet Diary App: