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Diet Analysis

3-Day Comprehensive Food Diary Analysis and Report.

Dietary analysis is conducted using industry standard and trusted nutrition analysis software for the health care and the food industry. It provides comprehensive data regarding your overall energy, macronutrient, vitamin and mineral consumption in relation to your actual bodies requirements. You will need to provide a 3 day diet diary using the app Easy Diet Diary.

You must complete:

  • A Diet and lifestyle questionnaire

  • 3 -day diet diary

You will receive:

  • A PDF report

  • Graphs with your results

  • Some or all of the following, depending on your individual needs and goals:

    • Recommendation of food changes

    • Lifestyle recommendations

    • Results and recommendations


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  • Nutrition

  • Gut health

  • Food intolerance/allergy

  • Alternative therapies

  • Spirituality

  • Mental health

  • Gut-brain connection

  • Wellness

  • And much more

Improving your gut health can't be done overnight. This is not a quick fix service. You must be willing to learn and make the changes necessary to create long term wellness.

Depending on your individual needs and situation, this may include:

  • Diet diary

  • Meal plan

  • Advice and support

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