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Meet Nikky

Gut Health Nutritionist

I'm a qualified nutritionist with a passion for improving gut health, managing food intolerances, and promoting healthy eating habits. Currently based in beautiful Western Australia, I have dedicated years to studying and refining my expertise in nutrition and well-being.


With a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and human biology and a Postgraduate Diploma of Human Nutrition under my belt, I possess a solid foundation of knowledge in the field. Additionally, I hold a Professional Certification in Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health, which allows me to approach nutrition from a holistic standpoint, considering both physical and mental well-being. Currently I am completing my Master Degree of Human Nutrition. 


My goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health by making informed dietary choices. I believe that a healthy gut is the foundation for overall well-being, and I am committed to helping my clients take control through education. Knowledge is power!


  • Advanced Gut Health: Enhancing your Microbiome - Endeavour College of Natural Health

  • Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition - Deakin University

  • Bachelor of Science - Nutrition and Human Biology - Edith Cowan University

  • Professional Certification in Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health - University of Sydney

  • Creative and Professional Writing - Griffith University

  • Freelance Writing​ - Australian Writers Centre

  • NSA Member

Gut Health Nutritionist
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