I'm a Label Reader

Yeah I’m one of those people. I’ll pick up product after product, turn it over, possibly curse at it first, “where are the bloody ingredients?! Oh, there they are! Why do they make it so small?" And read, while everyone swishes past me.

​Unless it’s a product I buy on a regular basis, I will read the nutritional information before placing it in my trolley (or back on the shelf). This is an important skill to have if you want to eat a healthy diet. But even more important for those who have specific dietary requirements.

Many of us think we know how to read food labels; however, it’s a lot more complicated than most realise. For example, picking up a product that has words such as ‘natural’, or ‘no added MSG’, or ‘lite’ are more often than not, completely misleading. They may be legal, but not really the whole truth.

So what do we pay attention to? Well firstly, please take those “claims” on label with a grain of salt. Or a grain of sugar if you have a sweet tooth. Be sceptical. Flip the product over and focus on the Nutritional Information Panel and the Ingredient List.

Label reading 101